Thursday, August 20, 2015

Words of the day - after 7 years

My first blog post, "Words of the day" was written in October 2008 during Lehman crisis as stocks indices dropped like flies every other day. Seven years later, I am experiencing déjà vu as my screen turned into a patch of red sea today, in need of Moses :) Today, it's not about the American banks, but the Chinese and Asean crisis of Ringgit plunge, RMB devaluation, Tianjin plant explosion and Bangkok bombing.

Words of the day 2015 version:-
Panic selling : According to investopedia :"Wide-scale selling of an investment, causing a sharp decline in price. In most instances of panic selling, investors just want to get out of the investment, with little regard for the price at which they sell"

I'm none the wiser about the stocks market but just feel compelled to pen today's event . Who knows by 2022 we might see a repeat of the seven-year cycle...

Monday, February 2, 2015


She's often being mistaken as a boy given the little hair she has. Therefore for the longest time I have refused to cut her fringe, although they have been blocking her sight! Silly mommy!
Finally wisdom stuck and we spent $2 for this 5 minute trim. I am satisfied! The fringe makes her look super cute and slightly chubbier! And she can see clearer :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My first big and thick book


A day out with daddy led S to chance upon this BIG and THICK book (with BIG font). In a matter of 4 days, he has finished reading the book! She read it in the car, during breakfast, before she slept and brought along the book wherever she went. I was amazed by her keen interest and more importantly the speed!

I’m praying that this love to read will continue for life… a skill that mommy lacks Smile

Sunday, January 4, 2015



I’m totally looking forward to 2015. Not sure what God has in store for MSKSL but know that He has gone ahead and said that all is good. A year of restoration- when men restore, it’s never the same, but God’s restoration is always greater in quality and quantity. 

1) Restoration of years.

2) Restoration of souls, minds and emotions

3) Restoration of health.

2015. A year loaded with His restoration.

3.5 weeks as a SAHM



Since the middle of December, after my help left for her almost 1-month home leave, I took on her role together with daddy M and a part-time maid.  My daily schedule revolved mostly around L, feeding, putting her to sleep, cooking, washing and more washing! It has been tiring but precious! S was also skipped school here and there to be at home. However the job was made harder when L was struck by stomach infection ie. constant messy poo, which doubled the need for washing. 

Not sure I can do this for long (without a help). There’s a big difference between SAHM with help and without. One without help usually has no time to shower, let alone any rest. Maybe I am an amateur trying-to-be one. Seasoned SAHM would probably has things under controlled.

It’s my last 2 days staying at home as we eagerly counting down to the return of our super helper. I am sure I’ll miss this but am super glad that I get to experience it!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Everybody's beef stew

It's all about team-work today and we named this "Everybody's stew".

M the cook, 
S the kid garlic peeler who also did the dishes (light stuff), 
J the help: cut and marinated the meat,
The grandfather: walked under the hot sun to get missing potatoes. 
And of course, SK: the instructor :)
It was GOOD! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Seasons of parenting


L was a sleep-through baby since 2 months old, ie, last feed at 9.30-10pm and she would only wake up after 5a.m. I was a proud mama when someone asked me of her sleep pattern. However after her recent jabs, the pattern started to change and she would wake up a few times during the night, fussing.

As we’re trying to figure out ways to make her resume her perfect sleep pattern (and ours), I came across an article in Proverbs 31 Ministries, with a revelation from Ecclesiastes 3:11- There is an occasion for everything and a time for every activity.

We are blessed with a baby. And a baby is a BABY, with sleep pattern that is different from adults! That’s a fact. Instead of grumbling and complaining, I should attempt to take it easy and enjoy every single moment that L needs me.

This is the season for us – caring for a baby and raising a pre-school-er... At some point in my life later, I will miss the two girls ‘needing’ me … They will outgrow their cribs to big beds and not wanting to sleep with us. They may tuck away baby dolls and focus on fashion and make-up. They will leave behind pre-school and enter the scary primary / secondary school…

I should treasure the current season of parenting, rather than mourning over my sleep because, after all, every moment with our children is a blessing.

In the journey of parenting and in life, there are times to plant and uproot. Times to cry, laugh, grieve and dance. Times to embrace and turn away.  Times to speak and to keep quiet. Times to keep and to let go.

I ask God to give me the wisdom, not only to make it through the seasons, but to appreciate them as gifts from God.