Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A path less taken

5 years ago, I often had tiffs with him over financial disclosure, numbers for results announcement and annual report. 3 weeks ago, I saw him again but he was behind a prawn mee stall that I chanced upon in a food court along Sultan Road (next to the Textile Centre). Apparently this ex-colleague of mine decided to ditch number crunching and “live a more fulfilling life” (his quote in a news article).

Service- Friendly (he seemed ‘warmer’ after leaving the corporate world)
Prawn mee- 2 sets of chopsticks (for benchmarking, my Toa payoh BCM would be rated 3 sets of chopsticks). The soup base is thick and prawny. I believe it gets gradually more flavourful as the hour goes by in a day. I think The Big Prawn Mee ($8) is better than the Standard Prawn Mee ($4.50).

PS: I salute his gut.

Guo Long Prawn Mee
Sultan's Kitchen
100 Jalan Sultan #01-06/07


meefedtothemax said...

oh MAN. it IS him!!! i must tell the rest of the girls.
glad you no longer want to poke him with a pencil :)

can't recognise him man.

and..haha...thought it was funny how you said you salute his "gut" rather than his "guts". for someone who moved to F&B, that seems rather appropriate ;)

meefedtothemax said...

you know, next time we order prawn mee and it takes a long time, we can ask him for a status update!! :) teehee.

we must go one lunchtime i tell you.